Tuesday, May 13, 2014

cut a toad today! the people on my table were too grossed out since it's a toad which has been anaesthetised and it's just facing you. it's still alive and breathing, and occasionally it might move a tad so you just drown it with solution. it was pretty cool looking and squishing stuff out of it. our one got a deflated lung though ): in the end, you had to cut the heart out, since if it wakes up, it'll just have pain and bleed to death....cutting a toad was one of those things back when i was younger that i wanted to do in uni. same with all those fancy chemistry equipment. so i guess my course is good, since all this other anatomy/physiology/chemistry is actually relevant

i read this article the other day

so if i can survive in sydney, i can basically live in anywhere in the world without going bankrupt. those european countries were always pricey, but now sydney isn't much better. but i like living in a country with a stronger economy since when you go overseas, you feel a tad bit more rich. my uncle always says NYC is expensive, like normal groceries cost quite a lot there since it's a major tourist spot, but then a few million people live there at the same time in the one city...anyways, technically to hk people, sydney is super expensive, thus so is America, so i guess when people spend money in the US, is just kinda like spending money in sydney. but when you're on holidays, you spend every single day. oh i calculated theoretically, if i eat out every single day, about 3 meals a day+little bits here and there, that's about 42 meals in total, which is about the same as going out to eat one meal every week for 42 weeks. but since i hardly ever go out to eat in the first place, all the money i saved (compared to people who go out for to eat/even buying lunch at uni) can be spent not-guiltily on food over there.

random amount of thoughts which probably doesn't make sense....

to other news, argh, i want abbott to go. i am pretty sure our economy will not be better off, and our standards of living will decrease, and australia will just go down hill. 

like making us pay for our uni fees when we don't even have the money? paying to see the doctor? (side note, most places bulk bill for eye check ups by medicare, and they alone cost over $60 for each eye test, so it's going to cost a lot more than a doctor visit to get your eyes tested in the future...which means it's not good...), and so much for making new jobs-all i've heard since he was elected was thousands of job cuts from planes to cars to public jobs. and although i don't pay for my own petrol, but i know how expensive petrol is, and the cost will keep on rising and now added to that is more tax...we'll probably be paying over $2/L in no time. 

another, $1 million for ballerinas? can someone please explain this. i mean, i love the ballet and it's on my to-go list once i retire to see a proper ballet, but i don't want to pay for someone's accommodation. ballet isn't a cheap sport, so if someone can afford all those years of training, i am sure they can afford accommodation. i say we, because soon we'll all be working and paying for these taxes. like i get taxed pretty heavily already...but atm i don't think i'm at the threshold for tax... and please. one year pay rise freeze for politicians is nothing, the other job cuts affects people for life, or more than one year's worth of pay rise. 

i've been craving cake for so long now...someone bake me a cake...sometimes i just feel like walking into a patisserie to buy a slice of cake....and i always crace master chef food. it sucks how they moved to melbourne a few years ago-missing chances to try master chef food on a plate and be on tv. 90% sure the rents cheaper there, the chefs families+their own couple of restaurants are there, they have a large warehouse space with more cooking space and restaurant seats, and their fancy garden outside which are now apparently have grown artichokes...in the first season filmed in melb all they had were herbs...


  1. Wow, you actually cut a toad. I've always heard about it but never seen it actually done, haha.

  2. Cutting live animals seriously...? :/