Thursday, May 15, 2014


direct ophthalmoscopy. it's used to look into the back of your eye. the instrument which has concepts not too difficult to understand compared to other things so far. it's just so hard to see anything! the view is super small, about 6-10 degrees (compared with machines which can look at 200 degrees of your eye ball. and it's a tad awkward, since you're literally breathing on top of the person, and almost touching. well you're not supposed to touch the patient...and then you try to find their blood vessels by moving the instrument and your head ever so slightly. if you tilt the instrument up, you follow the tilt of the instrument which your head. since i'm short, i'm hunching around and standing on my toes and looking through at awkward angles, and it's just so tiring but you can't let go of that position, since you'll loose that blood vessel.

the worst thing is we have to do a diagram of the optic nerve, filled with colour, and it takes at least 10 hours )))): and there's not table next to you, so you find it, look at it, memorise it, the draw it, and repeat the whole process of finding that spot ): actually, what's even worse is that there are only a limited number of instruments we can use, and the room is usually filled with optom students, so there's actually not enough time for everyone to have 10 hours with the instrument. plus, i don't even have 10 hours of free time to complete a perfect drawing. they're going to use a special camera to take a photo of our eye then compare it to our drawings. ceebsssss. my back can't even stand looking through it for 2 hours.

i don't even have 10 hours on weekdays to study for that one subject! and all those other assignments from that subject which "get in the way" of studying for other subjects....yes, i'm screwed for finals already ):

and heaps of other instruments which people "fight" to use. there's always enough instruments for each designated group at a time, but when the whole cohort wants to practice, and those instruments run out of batteries in a few hours, then even if you had time in the arvo, you can't practice since the stuff is dead. i feel like the only time when you can have access to those stuff is to skip lectures.

the orders we placed won't arrive until next sem, so can't even practice before the prac exams ):

at the beginning of this year, they said you had to wink with both eyes, if you can't they were like "go out on the street and wink to guys/girls walking past" .... so glad i can wink with both eyes, but i'm curious, isn't it bad to wink for prolonged periods...? research did show using some instruments at awkward angles for a period of time is bad...according to our lecturer...

and Tracy, totally agree, the Medicine department is pretty cruel with their toads/animals to examine blood moving through arteries and veins...

to other news, there's this place in newtown called Lentils as Anything where you pay what you want.  i think that's pretty cool.

and whenever Kochie/Sam films outdoors on Sunrise, most of the time they wear their trench coats. i think i've always wanted a Burberry trench coat, until i saw the $3k+ price tag, which is about two trips to america during off peak season, and the $3k can be way more useful to go towards uni fees....

you know what i'm sad about? missing the launch of Market's in May in Martin place about 2 weeks ago. saw them setting up, but no time to go during the day ): i was on a roll with free food these past two days, and no, they weren't you're ordinary bbq sausages.


  1. didn't mean to bag you out since it's not your fault but I'm just like where is the humanity in doing that x_x I never even knew we were allowed to dissect living things o_o

  2. Is this the one where you measure the pressure in the eye? Apparently I have high pressure in that nerve.

    1. nah, it doesn't measure pressure-just looks into your retina...