Wednesday, May 21, 2014

free chur burgers next week.

it doesn't help, since i have an exam next week in the morning...i do normally have a three hour break on wednesdays (and some weeks 4 hours like today, but time goes by super quickly when you're practicing stuff).

it just hit me today. i am super, duper stressed. yday i knew what i was in for, but today my head is starting to hurt ): so i'm not sure after next week if i should "relax" and waste time getting a free burger since the line is going to be super long, or just study for the following week/finish assignments.

i don't know what's wrong with me. i think i'm over thinking everything. stuff i could do before, but now i don't know how to do, actually i know how to but keep getting wrong answers D= i think i need to be like the master chef contestants when you're under a lot of stress-take a deep breath. maybe i'm over thinking everything, or maybe it's the fact that i've been only getting less than 6 hours sleep for the past few days. not even studying...don't think i procrastinated...just trying to understand stuff and doing readings...need to sleep earlier today...

sometimes it's hard not to be jealous of people winning things. and also those people who just chill, skip lectures, don't do their homework etc, yet they do a lot better than you in tests. and sometimes i do wish i could cram, but in the long run, you can't cram a degree in a week.

why is this may so hot? apart from that week at the end of april with the cold front, i feel like i'm sweating in may. not looking forward to a hot winter. usually may is colder than july/'s just that i wear clothes that would last me throughout the day, so if the morning is cold i either survive the cold and wear thin stuff so during the midday i won't be so flustered, or during cold mornings i wear a thin jacket, but midday i feel so hot but ceebs carrying jacket...i know i've said this before, but can it just be hot or cold and not fluctuate over 10 degrees in a day?

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  1. Don't get too stressed! Try not to look at other people because comparisons don't bring happiness and you can only do the best you can do! I had that epiphany today (I have that epiphany several times, haha).