Friday, May 16, 2014

Procrastibaking Take 1

i am pretty sure this is my first time baking during the semester since i started uni. i tend to not make/bake things during semester since it's a waste of time and i don't even have enough time to study to begin with since my timetable is jam packed, and travel to and from uni takes up so much time.

but i have been craving cake for over 2 weeks, and i can't study if i keep thinking about a particular type of food and i just had to have some cake to focus on studying/start on assignments. outside in normal cafes, a cheap-ish (which isn't cheap to me if you like to save money) slice of cake is around $5, a cake at woolies is also $5 but it's packed with icing/sugar, which most of the time i scrape off. i cheated and used packet mix, but this one was different since i have limited time, and my dad brought it home for free during an expo last year (and it doesn't expire until later this year) and it contains no sugar-only stevia. i'm not a massive fan of natural sugars, since on the outside it seems healthy, but i bet some people have proven these type of stuff isn't very's the same with super foods, too much of it is also not good, like too much chia seeds means too much good fats, and too much of anything is never ideal.

vanilla and chocolate marble cake!

i also felt like some chocolate, so i decided to add in some cacao (since i'm not supposed to have chocolate). and i felt like "swirling" to make a cheap packet mix cake look fancy. didn't bother sifting, or whisking, or getting my old electric mixer out, or properly melting butter. literally just mixed it with a spatula then popped it into the top shelf, then i realised i should have put it into the middle shelf but ceebs changing it, hence the cracked top. i didn't really care about the texture and all (it did turn out moist), but i just wanted some slightly sweet carb-y cake asap.

cake wasn't sweet at all, and since cacao is naturally bitter, it gave the cake more "depth". there was quite a bit of butter in the cake, but we never use butter in normal cooking, and i haven't had cake in so long, it was justified.

the thing with baking in the holidays is that i have so many things i want to make, but can only make one a week or else we won't finish it (unless i take it somewhere...). now i have cake for arvo tea/snack before/after dinner for the next few days

cake craving satisfied! (may have ate a too bigger piece...)


  1. Looks beautifully baked, like you took it out at just the right time!

  2. The swirling makes the cake look so pro!
    Don't worry, you can never have too much cake [lol, okay, that's not true.]

  3. I honestly have no idea why you think sifting, whisking or even electric mixer is necessary?
    I always just use spatula and I'm pretty sure that's an allowable way to make cake o_o