Friday, May 30, 2014

Patisson Patisserie-Macarons

this week has been...horrible, and it's only going to get worse D= long post today (even though i don't have time...)

dispensing prac was horrible. doing it isn't hard, and they gave more time than i think they would, but i don't know how accurate my measurements are, and it's, so, so subjective! like you push they're glasses slightly, and that's a few cm differences, and even though they didn't state any tolerances, i'm pretty sure it's 0.5mm. my answers varied so much. also, got these frame which were harder to measure, and then this other one with the same power in both lenses. not sure it actually, or they're trying to trick us, because it's rare for people to have the same power in both eyes...

last year there was two full pages of names just for the dispensing prac, which a component in 1/3 of the subject strand. so, basically half the grade last year was re-tested. i will be so happy to get a supplementary, i don't want to fail the subject because of the "easier" strand. it probably doesn't make sense to you guys...the theory behind it isn't hard-it's just hard to be precise!

for the whole week i've been running on 6 hours of sleep, except the night before the prac exam (had 6.5...). wow, did not think i was capable on running with minimal hours of sleep (quite minimal for me, compared to hold where i sleep in for 10+hours). sunday's i try not to sleep in, but i have to, to make up for the lost sleep during the week and "re-charge"

i had a 3 hour break on Wed as well, but i decided to not get free chur burgers to finish off my assignment. i couldn't be bothered to make it perfect, i know it's missing some stuff, but the amount of time/weighting isn't worth my time, and i've already spent so much time on it.

need to study anat for next week after almost failing the first one...apparently according to the school of optom, we're not allowed to have assessment >20% in the last week of semester. but since anat is run by medicine, we still have a 25% test next week. our person in charge complained to that guy, but there's not much you can do when you've already set everything/the course structure hasn't changed...

also Tracy, you'll probably be disgusted to know. our physiology lecturer (and phsl is part of medicine) was talking about something, and he said for an experiment he cut off some live ducks head from the farm next door and watched them flapping around with headless bodies and blood dripping everywhere for an experiment of some sort D= that's pretty cruel

highlight of the week was last night-macarons!

eating dinner at a crazy time last came back and brought home macarons! ok, truth be told, he would never buy anything like this, nor would i want him to waste money of this stuff unless i really, really, really want it. someone gave it to him, but then my dad gave them to me. it's ben a while since i've had macarons! the other day i was thinking i needed photos to brighten up my blog, since it's been drained with me rambling and complaining and stressing (sorry)

sah colourful (:

not going to go into details here, but these ones had really good texture. crisp shell, and slightly chewy inside, with a nice ganache or buttercream. the main thing was that the flavour wasn't prominent, especially compared to zumbarons. like the green one, all i tasted was sugar, but it was supposed to be pistachio, the strawberry ones tasted a bit like artificial strawberries, and couldn't really tell what the purple one was. the red velvet tasted like it's name, and so did the chocolate one (you can't really go wrong with chocolate, even though i'm no supposed to have it...). there wasn't any salted caramel can definitely tell they were handmade. 2 of the same flavours, but 2 completely different sizes...

this was from a while back.

sydney is good for it's environment and something sustainability, but it's a no brainer that our buildings aren't as pretty and our transport sucks. apparently if our transport improves, we could be 1st/2nd. 

when will winter come? this warm heat is kinda annoying. want to wear my winter clothes, especially my knits, since i couldn't really last year.

i haven't even been following master chef. only rewatched half of day's ep just to laugh at the blind tasting/eating with their hands.

my uncle is coming over next week, mainly because he wants to keep his platinum or whatever status so he can just fly random places when he feels like it...don't have time to go out to eat ))): and he's staying over for 2 nights at our home-during my precious stuvac time ): such a distraction to my study ): 

not time to go see vivid. the only part i see is when i'm on the harbour bridge, looking at the projections on the buildings and opera house (without sound ofc). i shall go to it by looking through (Dandelion's) photos. at martin place this year, they have this thing from intel where you "catch a butterfly" and you can get a free sundae/ice cream from messina's pop up stand. i want to see what it is, but too bad i only go to martin place during the day time =/

how to get free starbucks. i don't drink starbucks, well i would if i am a person who is rich enough to buy something everyday...the last time i had starbucks was in HK with a special Christmas gingerbread latter, but it was disappointing since it didn't have enough spices/flavour (and also hk milk generally isn't good).

also free Krispy Kremes next week. i remember getting my last year, and it was the 5 last one.

traffic was horrible last night. why do so many people bother to buy not-cheap tickets to watch the AFL? can't you watch it at home for free instead of causing so much traffic?

getting frustrated with my internet. also, tpg changed my $15 a month with 1.5 gb to $17 a month with only 1gb ))): at least i got a good year with cheap mobile internet. my bro's $10 plan also went up to $13. i guess they realised their service was really cheap after more people have for 1.5gb on other major companies, you'd have to pay about $60 per month. and if you want cheap plans, then you get only around 200mb, which is definitely not enough. personally, i think a smartphone it useless if you don't have mobile internet, or you have to restrict your usage. it's just restricting the functions of your phone when you're out and about, and point of smartphones is to give you to more usage of things.

the other thing that made my week was traffic today. got home in 1 hour 15mins (: (after a mad dash here and there. which i why it try to not wear nice shoes to uni, since running to trains/buses can potentially save you over half an hour). and even though i slept in today, still made it to uni on time, since our lecturer was 20min late....


  1. Those macarons are so beautiful.

    It's going to be alright! God has already determined your marks and what will happen and you can trust that He only has in mind the very best plans for shaping your character and your future :)

  2. yup definitely disgusted :/ smh. Like why is it okay to do this to animals but if we do this to people it would be all over the news and the whole world would be mad

    last time I had starbucks was at japan, looking over the busy shibuya crossing :D