Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cheesecake Kind of Day ft. Zest Take 10+

food makes me happy (:

cake makes me happy (and fat). cheesecake isn't really the carby type of cake i was craving (again), but it's good enough, and lighter, so i don't feel as guilty (:

cake of the day and coffee-$6.50 gluten free lemon lime cheesecake with chai latte

you're probably thinking-why is Elisa spending money even though she's always raving about saving money? well i didn't buy it-work allowed me to choose something for morning tea (: (well by the time i had it, it was arvo tea).

my last 5 or 6 birthday cakes were from my local patisserie-zest patisserie. same with my family, although last year we tried other places like zumbo's cakes (: did i mention there was another period where i had michel's patisserie mud cakes for a few years? i used to think that was nice (back in primary school), but after primary, i just started to not like it since it was so dense and sweet, and no techniques involved. so whenever someone has a cake from there for their birthday and says the cake is good-i keep my mouth shut. don't want to hurt the birthday girl/boy's feelings on choosing a boring mud cake. 

this cheesecake was so good (: not sweet, so light, and just enough cream cheese without making it feel like you're putting on heaps of fat. the jelly on top gave it more acidity, and the base felt butter less (well, you couldn't taste the butter which is good) and the flaked almonds gave it some texture (:

the chai latte-oh damn, so good. it's my first time having chai there, used to get just hot choc and coffees (not supposed to have spices/milk atm but today was cheat day...). they used Chai Me organic infusion (plus one for organic) , so the flavours was so prominent without it being sweet. so flavourful (: and well incorporated spices and not just cinnamon sprinkled on top. oh how i've missed a good chai. the ones at uni suck compared to this one. at uni they either mix it in with the mix so it just sinks to the bottom, or they just sprinkle it on top of the foam, and it gets stuck to the lid. and uni only gives you cinnamon instead of the whole lot of spices. this latte was also frothed so well. and you could choose between small and medium for the same price, so being asian ofc i went for the bigger option (: yum, yum, yum

japanese cheesecake

someone gave it to us. haven't had this in so long! since i was still kinda craving carboy cake, i guess this has some flour, but in more minimal portions. this is a different type of lightness compared to the other cheesecake, but it's just as nice (: this is on my list to make in the hols...didn't take photo with flash (i have yet to take a photo with flash on my iPhone...), it's just the light reflecting off it. 

and i spent some time admiring it instead of studying...

it's taken me almost 20 years to realise the necessity and usefulness of a watch. i used to never wear watches when i was young, since 1. they were crap 2. couldn't adjust it for my small wrist 3. cheap watches always ran out of batteries quickly 4. they were ugly cheap watches, hence i stored them at the back of a cupboard somewhere...

but for uni, in particular in this semester, you need to discreetly time yourself, since you have get a set time limit to conduct your prac exams. also, during prac classes, i like my fair share of a turn, so i make sure half the allocated time is for me to also practice (the clock in the room is behind this column thing/in the dark and hard to see...) then there' the whole timing myself to walk to the bus stop/make it home asap. some watches are so nice these days (: have an idea of what to get later this year (: overseas always have nice stuff...

my great uncle owns a jewellery, but the watches there are the timeless classics like rolex etc. on average are a few thousands. i think those watches are for when you're retired/working really later in your life...

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  1. Watches are so useful! Then you don't need to pull out your phone. Invest in a good one :)