Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lindor Strawberries and Cream

in case you didn't know, federer had a second set of twins yesterday! wow, what are the odds? first set girls, second set boys.....third set mixed...? then it's like he has actually "won" in terms of having 3 sets just like tennis. did you know, his sister also has twins? fed's wife used to play tennis professionally, but wasn't super pro...their family is going to dominant tennis/sport in about 20 years time-it's all in the genes!

my mum walked by free samples at woolies yday and got me a lindor strawberry and cream, which federer is advertising. his acting is actually pretty bad lol. the chocolate isn't as sweet as lindor white chocolate (which is relatively sweet itself), but this is heaps more creamier which helps to cut down a tad of the sweetness. i think it's even creamier than cookies and cream. the strawberry tastes slightly artificial, which is expected. it reminded me of the graffiti lollipop from good food month last year at Shangri-La

because i feel like my blog has been lacking pictures recently...

i hate when i spend over 3 hours on less than 200 words. i keep telling myself to write, but i don't know what to write ):

i was expecting a lot worse today. still guessed some, but i was expecting to guess more than half the paper...ahh, spelt some words wrong ): they mentioned that they deduct marks for wrong spelling ):

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