Monday, May 5, 2014

Enrolment Stress Take 4

even non optom people know about the amazing group 3.

this time i learnt to be patient and it paid off! no, i didn't get into group 3, but i got into group 5 my 2nd preference (:

the enrolment thing didn't pop up until 2:10, whereas someone in my tute was "in" already, but most of the class wasn't. you really do just have to wait once you click on it, or keep refreshing until it pops up, but once you start enrolling, never refresh. hallways through enrolling i got kicked out, but it still saved my time choices and i could finish enrolling within 15min-new record!

group 5 isn't perfect, there's a 1 hour lecture then 5 hour break. so i won't be attending that lecture...also phsl labs are every second week, so for the weeks i don't have lab, then i will be skipping another phsl in order to save about 10 hours of my life each fortnight, i will be skipping 3 attend half the lecs for a subject. i'm really against skipping lectures, but skipping 2 lectures to save 10+ hours is very worth it imo.

also less contact hours next sem! and up until week 10 i get thursdays off (: after that, it'll be 8am starts...but i'll deal with that when the time comes...two 6pm finishes, but all groups except for the perfect group 3 has two 6pm finishes, whilst group 1 has two 8ams (but only one 6pm).

i was stressed throughout the entire day. now i should focus for my super important mid sem (which isn't worth much, but is the basis of all the clinical work we'll do in the future).

YAY MASTERCHEF-OH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU! for the eagle eye, the master chef font has changed slightly-it's become more rounded, like iPhone's update with everything more rounded...time to add more places on my list to eat. too bad i won't be able to go until after america (more like i'll just rather spend money overseas, since i can eat in australia whenever). mind you, i am pretty sure this season i'll be adding more places on my 'mental' international restaurant list for when i get old. (side note, i really do hate abbott, making us retire at 70!) not a big fan of kylie kwong, but i guess we'll see. couldn't watch it fully today since i had dance, and i don't think i'll be able to watch it until finals are over, since i know i am super screwed for finals already. so. much. content.

it's also that time of the year when my brother wants to watch the voice whilst master chef is on.

also, i am so, so glad that chloe and kelly didn't win mkr. didn't really like the mums though, since they crack under pressure-and you can't if you want to be a pro chef! apparently the producers film 2 endings, so they all pre tent they win, and then they pick one "ending" to be aired, so the actual contestants don't really know who won. no wonder why their emotions are so fake. does master chef do film two possibilities of winners? i don't think so. if they do, their emotions are so much more genuine, and heaps less back stabbing. george has lost 20kgs and is so, so slim-it's actually pretty amazing. and i need to emphasise in case you have not realised since when mkr first aired in 2010, MASTERCHEF HAS THE BETTER JUDGES, BETTER FOODS, BETTER GUEST CHEFS, MORE INNOVATIVE, BETTER PEOPLE WHO CAN ACTUALLY COOK, MORE DELICIOUS, AND ACTUALLY TEACHES YOU!

my foodie side is so happy (:

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