Sunday, May 18, 2014

can someone enlighten me on how the PayPal free coffee thing works tomorrow? like how do you know which coffee shops/cafes are participating? and do you have to order and pay for it first then paypal pays you back...? if there aren't any coffee places at martin place from when i cross the road on elizabeth st, the ceebs getting free coffee (not supposed to have it anyway...)

i wanted to go to sydney fashion weekend, going there to look around is only $5 i think. really want to see if there were any good bargains.

i think i over ate brought home some sushi from someone and i ate so much...

i really don't understand how all those tall/skinny fashion and food bloggers who eat so much, at least a few times out at cafes/restaurants are able to still keep so skinny...and if they're eating out all the time and still study, where do they get their money from? they must have a secret double life of work, or they have rich parents.

you always see it on master chef, and you also have it at western restaurants, but i want to try one day to cook my veggies in butter... (when my mum isn't home...)

so much stuff i want to make...

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  1. Hahaha, I love how you say 'when my mum isn't at home' XD It's like how when I'm alone I stir fry vegetables without adding water (gasp).