Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ooft. jusst passed one of my mid sems-the one with an average of a pass mark. they even did a whole graph showing the marks with ranks to emphasise the point that we suck. even the highest mark was 88, but that person was an outlier...

" Some of you might be quite disappointed, but I hope the 25 who failed AND did not attend all lectures understand what is going on here (there was a strong trend between grade and attendance with p=0.15 for the stats minded using a Chi-square test). There is a reason why we give lectures rather than simply give out free books. Top mark was 88%. Mean was 51% ± 14% SD. The graph shows rank position in class once you know your grade."

Then a guy wrote on our fb page: "I went to all my lectures, i wonder how she would explain that"

that is also me ))):

test on thursday is only worth 10% of one strand, so 3.33333%, which isn't much....but need to get the concepts straight since everyone knows it'll be a tricky one hour exam. it's kind of ridiculous, 3.33% of stuff in one hour, whilst in the other strand, 40% of marks in one hour.

the bad thing about learning colour vision is that you have to print in colour...or else it's kinda useless...my poor ink ):

ahh, the food on master chef is already amazing and they only just started! couldn't watch the whole thing, but seeing the chef's food is what matters most (:

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  1. aww man totally loving how I get all the stats there and what it actually means haha