Saturday, May 17, 2014

yay pay rise (: it's very minimal though, but at least it (hopefully) means i'm doing ok. i didn't even know i could get pay rises...

mum bought a cupcake carry case today (:

i've come to accept the fact that it would be nearly impossible to book a seat at The Fat Duck next year at Heston's 6 month restaurant. it only has 45 seats, and it's probably not open every day or every time during lunch/dinner. it opens in february, but i am sure only the elite in the culinary world would be able to get a booking within the first month and famous critics. the casino will most likely set aside some seats for their prestigious members/high rollers/gamblers. then the next break after feb would be a week in april, but everyone else also has an easter break, again the odds are not in my favour. then july break, but by then people go on holidays overseas etc, how will i find 3 other people who are willing to fork out a few hundred dollars for dinner? well i would for Heston, but i don't think anyone would. i say 3 because i was reading an article about if you book a table of 4 compared to 2 (which is the most popular reservation number), you'll have a slightly higher chance of getting a booking into the top restaurants in the world (ie. the one year+ waiting list for restaurants). this other article said the amount of people who want to go to Heston's restaurant in melbourne will far exceed the amount he can take in during the 6 months, and the waiting list will go until 2015, which by then it's not called The Fat Duck anymore, but changed it's name and a bigger restaurant called Dinner by Heston Blumenthal...

i think booking a table at Heston's would be even more stressful than UNSW timetables-and that in itself is already filled with mini heart-attacks. ):

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  1. My mum was also thinking of buying a case too, from Aldi, but we already have one!

    I didn't realise that it was so competitive to book a table at a top restaurant!!