Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wet and Wild Take 2

yay, it was a fun day! it was hot, but it actually became cold at night, unlike last time where it was still pretty hot at night. it's more organised this time, like they added more fences/signs around.

side note, my most hated road is the m4. it changes from 4 lanes to 3 to 2 to 3 to 2 to 4 all in a couple hundred of metres. they may as well have 1 lane since if a car breaks down on a 2 lane, only 1 will remain. no wonder why i always hear of massive traffic jams on that road. at least on the great western highway they have a consistent 3 lane, even though there are traffic lights. it also took a good 20mins to get off the exit onto reservoir rd. if i was going straight to wet and wild, i would've taken the exit before. there was just ao much traffic! the traffic wasn't even going to the theme park. it's just stupid signage, like a give way sign at a slightly curved T-junction. why didn't they make some sort of round about. giving way to cars going either direction at 60/70 takes forever....also my mum lied, double demerits start from 20th to 1st, not today. hate double demerits, so much pressure to stay on the limit, and did i ever tell you? i hate braking's also not good for the car, but for those other drivers/learners, make sure to not speed. double demerits during xmas through to new years are the worse.

so much more fun with other people. not going to talk about each ride...

it's not as clean as last week though. my skin is pretty sensitive to "dirty" water. it's fine at swimming since it's chlorinated. once when i went camping and we went swimming at a pool at the caravan park, i had these mosquito like patches all over my skin =/ same thing happened once at a beach if the water isn't clean enough. my skin today didn't have patches, but face "exploded"... =/

the "highlight" of the day. waited for the 360 rush, then 1 out of 4 lane/pipes broke down, then the other own broke down, so only two worked (orange and red). last time those broke down and green/blue worked. went on blue last time, so i was fine going on the orange. when i went in, i felt like the water was more "thinned" out, and the kid before me was so scared to go in, and he went in and got stuck and was full screaming-poor kid. so it was my turn, and nek minut, i come to a complete stop at the top (well it felt like the top) of the pipe. but i had i finish the ride! and i never ever gotten stuck before, not even in the GC back in beginning of 2010. and like i've said before, GC ones is just yourself sliding/no board helping you to slide. when i got stuck, i just pushed myself to go back down the loop, but it wasn't fun then since it was slow-as in you can see the slide. the actual ride  is supposed to finish in a few seconds, and you're not supposed to open you eyes and look at the tube-you're supposed to just feel the rush. i'm not light at all, and i've always made it around the loop before. the main problem is that there wasn't enough water pumped through the slide. that's why heaps of people who were over the min 45kg still couldn't make it round the loop since the rush of water was slowing down. felt like they were running out/the pumps were going to break down again.

went on 7/8 things in around 5ish hours. it was about 30min wait for each ride, which wasn't bad, i thought there would be heaps more. i hate walking on those hot tiles/bark all around the park...

it's hard to get a good night picture of the lights unless you're standing on the beach side...

they didn't really check bags. they didn't check faces (don't have a photo on my band yet), and they don't charge parking for now (not that it matters since gold passes have free parking). but there are these mini booths when you exit, they're kinda like mini wooden houses, just no boom gates etc. guess they still have more things to finalise/finish...but if you want free parking for now-go before they install everything.

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