Saturday, December 28, 2013

impulse bought another pair of sunnies. well not really, they were half priced burberry, and they were for my mum, but i tried them and they fit me. they were also polarised, so i think they were a good price. there's actually some really good deals, like 70% off some sunnies which actually weren't ugly. btw, i think prada's cases for sunnies are the best.

at this rate i can get two "cheap" pairs of sunnies or one expensive pair for free each year. the one i bought today didn't have the signature check was a more conservative black frame. maybe next pair i get i should try something more trendy and not black like my last few pairs have pair i shouldn't get polarised-they're good for driving, but you see rainbows when you look at your phone...i totally understand why people say glasses/sunnies are like shoes.

so much cleaning to do. somehow i haven't had time since exams ended. i still haven't filed my stuff since exams...

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