Monday, December 2, 2013

La Collina

helped out with my dad's work today since one of the office people resigned (right before christmas =/ ). bored to death, going to bring a book tomorrow. noo, haven't had time to go library yet ):

dinner with work people. went to an italian restaurant opposite castle mall, but on the further side not towers side. always past it, never pay attention to it. there's a reason why these restaurants are "quite" and far-ish. there were no other customers apart from 2 random people. if we didn't come, they would've not had business. heaps of restaurants there don't even open on monday night. 

food wasn't good, it wasn't worth taking photos of. garlic bread it had a crunch, but i could make it better. 3 trays of pasta. the carbonara wasn't creamy/rich, i've had better home made one. i thought there was only pasta so kind of filled myself up, but then there were alternating plates of meat. i got chicken, person next to be got veal, ended up sharing. but it was pretty basic. dessert was macadamia (actually not that sweet) and choc mint (which i hate) ice cream or profiteroles (they alternated again). i gave the choc mint away, and had the profiteroles which had warm custard and overly sweet choc sauce. had a hot choc as well. the foam on top was nice, but that was about it. it tasted like hot water with a tad of hot choc. trust me, i mixed it, but it didn't help. this place wasn't cheap either (had a quick glance at the chalkboard menu), and it was pretty bad quality for it's price. all castle hill things are expensive. i knew this place was cheap because of it's location, and my instincts proved right.

for the sake of photos, i just took a pic of ice cream.

do you know where they went for xmas dinner last year? ARIA! missed out, so sad. it's because apparently they made good money/heaps of profit last year, but this year they didn't make as much=cheap restaurant. fingers crossed they make more next year and hopefully it'll be back to fine dining. i can't wait for this sunday for good food!

something else that was sad. so the person i got for Kris Kringle works in two stores, and she had to give out two presents, but she only received one. there were about 2 other presents for her to receive, but everyone could only get one (since the person handing them out didn't know the person gave out two prezzies), so my expensive-ish was just packed into a bag with the other spare prezzies ): oh wells, it's better to be prepared with something, i hate going to events empty handed.

my first maxwell and williams cup and first set of wooden letters. i've always wanted the letter "E" but it's just one of those things where you want but have absolutely no purpose but it'll still be cool to it.

last time i didn't put earrings in for 3 months and had to force the earrings in. last time i took out earrings was last month, day of my concert, so my ears haven't had anything i them for a month, and guess what, it actually closed up in one month! ))): like the back part of the ear hole closed. spent half an hour pushing/forcing/manually remaking a hole for the earring to go through. blood everywhere =/ hope i don't get an infection. and this time i used thin earrings instead of thicker ones since i though it would be easier-i thought wrong. it hurt ):

oh, and i hate chasing people for money-even if it's ten bucks. i think people think i'm so stingy, but it's not my money, it's actually my parents...i just don't know how to ask people for money (which they probably forgot about) without sounding stingy =/

why am i so worried about my sunnies not arriving? maybe because i feel like i (well my parents) lost a massive amount of money. i need to worry less.

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