Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ray Ban Adventures

so yday i put the sunnies on hold, and then decided to buy the ray bans today. they have this eucalyptus oil which them clean the sticky stuff from the price labels, but they ran out so they used tree oil. once the person used tree oil, it's supposed to polish it, but instead, it rubbed off the gloss finish on the frame. as i said before, the gloss is $40 more than the matte, but it looks heaps better imo. i already payed for it, and the frame kind of brook i guess, she checked that towers had one and we were headed there anyway and then she said they could do an IBT (internal branch transfer).

off to towers, and their store is so much bigger. sunnies are kept in boxes bundled together, instead of separately in trays. so much more staff as well, was supposed to see them tar, but ended up seeing them today =/ the computer said it had one, but they couldn't find it. then they said to go sunglasses hut and they could ibt to the towers store. found the sunnies at sunglasses hut (it also changed location) and turns out someone rang in earlier to hold that exact pair of sunnies and they would come in to pick it up later. then they told me to go myer and they could also do an ibt. the person there said they did have one earlier, but they just sold it! so sad, back to square one. the original person ended up doing an ibt with other stores far away (heaps of stores also sold out). the sad thing is that i'd have to wait a week for something i've already paid for ): and the ones i put on hold yday were new. like i took them out of their case and no one else touched/tried them on. but if i'm getting a pair from the other side of sydney, then it's not going to be new, new (if that makes sense). 

now i really want those ray bans over burberry. the burberry ones aren't polarised, and i'll probs used them everyday and then it'll be more prone to wear and tear of that special cloth on the frame. ray bans much more practical with the polarised lenses and so much demand for it. usually i try to not get the same thing that other people get, but who knew this particular pair was so popular!? exact tint, size, frame, finish. the more i keep typing this post, the more i really want those sunnies. 

i don't know how i should feel. if i was a regular customer, i would be pissed off. 

also did some christmas shopping. tried on over ten hand creams. surprisingly mixing up the smells weren't too bad. i love complimentary gift wrapping. however, since it's xmas, they don't have those deals where you spend a minimum and get a free product. and i bought i milk frothed! from aldi, haha. it has a two year warranty, but i'm expecting it to not work properly after a year. they re-opened build-a-bear at towers! maybe i can fulfil my childhood dream. i just need to go disneyworld first.

wow, i really hate australia transport (this doesn't have anything to do with today). i'm just comparing it to other countries, and sydney is just so damn expensive and crap.

so much food at church's monthly dinner. actually, there were a lot of potatoes, at least 6 massive trays/dishes people made. there was actually rice left over, usually there isn't enough rice to go around. didn't take any rice home though unlike some other people haha.

didn't get any supps. i either failed or just passed. i hope it's the latter...i know my wam this sem is going to be a depressingly low pass...sometimes you just have this feeling...

busy week this week.

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