Monday, December 30, 2013

900-Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

first time watching 2 consecutive movies at the cinemas today! don't think i'll do that for a while, unless there are two really good movies i want to see. a movie for technically $6-money well spent!

frozen was sooo good! i love disney, so i might be biased, but it was a really nicely done disney film! i was reading an article on it, about how they had a woman director (who also did wreck it ralph), and a few years ago, there were no woman who directed any disney animations, only men so their views were obviously less feminine and were more based on the traditional princess themes. since a woman directed this, it was more about a woman's point of view and family, rather than prince charming and romance-that was in the background rather than foreground. i thought about it, and then i totally agree! sometimes, they should just let woman direct more animations, although i still love the whole princess and prince happily ever after.

the ice was so pretty! all those blues and some purples (: and elsa's dress <3 i really loved all the songs! could've totally sang along with it, if i could sing, haha. anna's young voice is so cute. some of the storyline i didn't expect. so glad i didn't watch those trailers which summarises the whole movie. since carols in the domain where they mentioned you could get a free download of demi lovato's version of frozen, i've been listening to it on repeat-and now i get the context of it! love that part (: ahh, disney films are so lovely (: even though there were 27mins of ads, there was this 4-5min clip on mickey mouse and the whole gang, never seen it before, but it was enjoyable (: i understand why Better has watched it about 4 times now. nooo tsim sha tsui in hk had disney themed christmas deco this year! last year was pretty (like always) but wasn't disney!

i really wanted to stay for the credits, but then we had another movie to watch...could've stayed for the credits since there were another 27mins of ads, and we already skipped about 20...

i have to admit, i'm not a fan of LOTR at all. i've tried watching a full movie-never finished one. i finished the 1st hobbit last year since i watched it in cinemas. finished a second LOTR film again, it was actually quite enjoyable. good humour and fighting scenes, and "romance" which apparently isn't in the book. i hate cliff-hangers! i can't believe i'm saying this, but i actually can't wait for the 3rd hobbit. last year's hobbit was a record breaking 5.9mil on boxing day, this year 5.4. some parts of gandalf in the deserted place reminded me harry potter and dumbledore trying to find the horcruxes with minimal light.

we get to see frozen a month after the us, but hobbit about 2 weeks after. it's not as bad as it used to be, but we still remain behind america...

used my groupon $3 voucher, so i tried the green tea rock salt and cheese with herbal jelly, normally $5.70
once shaken, it looked like milk tea, but without the milk. the salt and cheese was very subtle, and tasted more like matcha powder, than green tea in ice form.

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