Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Berry and Banana Smoothie

things which have no treatment or known cause or prevention are very disheartening. i hope that as modern technology progresses and also future doctors can learn more/discover stuff to solve current insolvable medical situations...

why is my skin so parents have good skin, but my bro and i....

bought my first thing from kikki k today! only joined their membership because of a $10 voucher. don't think i'll ever buy anything from there again.

so hot today, felt so dizzy.
mixed berries and banana smoothie with almond milk!

i actually started using my blender a few weeks before finals, since there was a period of super hot days. this is one of my healthier recipes (: no added sugar/honey, and since almond milk the one of the healthiest milks (better than normal milk and soy), i think it just adds to the healthiness. also, even if you find quantities on websites etc, they may not always work. think about it, each blender is different, and even 1 banana can range from small to super big. you just have to learn to blend stuff to your preferred consistency. i like my smoothies thick (: i used frozen bananas and berries as they help make it thicker and colder (:

bananas are the best in smoothies. they give a good consistency, and they're also good in milkshakes. btw, never add only banana, almond milk and cinnamon. if you want a banana smoothie, then use full cream milk, or else the almond taste is too dominant over the banana flavour (unless you have an over ripe banana).

i've made quite a few other smoothies, i just haven't been bothered to post them up since it was finals time. also, the amount of bananas or quantities in general also change the colour of the smoothie. more bananas over berries lead to a super pale beigeish pink colour...not the vibrant purple and pink you get form berries. i have stocked up on green smoothie ingredients and they're in the freezer. didn't feel like a green one today though.

in case you missed my snapchat, my collection is almost complete! well in terms of flavours they release to supermarkets.

also have a tub of cheap 4L vanilla ice cream for milkshakes. milkshakes need full cream milk or else you'll never have a good thick milkshake. the problem is, full cream milk and ice cream=fat and loads of sugar. 

plus today was good. we did that part before the crucifixion where judas/peter betrays Him. it's a sunday school story, but then we looked at details where i never paid attention to before. interesting (:

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