Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rayban Adventures #3 and Marayong

finally got my sunnies. didn't bother to clean it with stuff, only polished it. need to adjust them again...i'm glad i got practical sunnies. can actually tell the difference when driving with polarised lenses.

today the optom brought in some south african pastries since her husband is south african. apparently in dural there is this south african patisserie, and to her husband's standard, they aren't bad. don't know what they're called but they were so good! they were kind of gooey in the middle, slightly hard on the outside, twisted and long, but they were so sweet! even with my high sweet tolerance, i thought it was sweet. still ate two though-they were really nice. first time having south african pastries. ahh, just found the name-koeksisters

dad also ordered new glasses. his ones were $1049, but after some discounts and health fund, he still had to pay over $300, it's not that bad compared to the it's high quality stuff, branded frame etc. personally, i think branded frames are better than cheap frames. they look better as well.

went to marrying today. never actually hard of it, nor knew that they had a station. driving there, we passed kellyville/parklea area. wow, so many houses being built. there was this one massive patch of land near parklea where the houses/townhouses/duplexes etc look EXACTLY THE SAME. they were all white with some black and grey. alllll the same. heaps more land there with new houses built so close to each other. probably max 3 metres apart. i bet you can talk to the other person in the house next to you since the houses are being built so close together, guess they're trying to save land space whilst maximising house space. gg, those new houses/upcoming houses are going to have soooo much traffic in the future....

went to my bible study leader's house. their house is quite small, but they have one small room filled with his dvd collection. definitely over 100 dvdd, and he said he still had some in the living room, at his parents' house and at school (he works at a school). crazy, iterally every box set. he even has two copies of some boxed sets. all the seasons of lost and heroes (i used to love those shows). disney, horrors, old and new. he can literally start his own hiring business...

we had pizza hut delivery, and we got nice pizza! the crust was white not brown, and soft not chewy. we got spinach and feta (my fav), bacon cheeseburger and chicken deluxe. why did i never order those when i have pizza? then again, we haven't bought fast food pizza in so long. only gourmet or frozen. ate so much junk food and just watched a movie. they're quite a funny couple-the guy is anglo  and the wife asian

my brother's youth group hired a jumping castle to play at church yday night, and it was a themed "castle" jumping castle with stuff inside to play...

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