Wednesday, December 18, 2013


if there's a chocolate cookie and a non-chocolate one, the chocolate ones always gets finished first. i guest i tried to make a "healthier" option, but not many people went for that =/ oh wells, i guess i can bring some to work.

had more pizza today at Plus Christmas Party. didn't want to eat. sometimes i can just watch people eat good food. today wasn't good food, but it's just the atmosphere and eating and talking with people which is fun (: had three big curry puffs. obviously not as good as Happy Apple's mum's, since her ones had spice and not as big/buttery. these ones were made from puff pastry and had either cheese or heaps of meat, but still yum.

played bonanza most of the night. people have such interesting card games! there was saboteur which i played at plus retreat earlier this year, and then this other card game. then there was this one which had a totem pole and card game which someone explained to me last time, but i never ended up playing.

anyways, bonanza is so fun! sooo good. aim of the game is to plant beans and then you collect coins. there are chilli beans and wax beans and so many other random ones. i ended up coming 2nd out of 5 people. not bad for a first timer haha.

you have to negotiate your cards and it gets so intense. so much thinking and financing, but it's so fun it just makes you (((: it was annoying since the guy before me took forever deciding what to put down...the hard part is that the cards in your hands have to be played in order, so the card on your far right has to be put down, but you can only have two "fields" or type of beans placed down on the table at once. this means you have to swap and negotiate to get rid of cards which are in the way for you to plant in your field. but if you discard, you have to get rid of your highest pile of beans. wow, that sounds confusing, but it's a good game. just like monopoly deal and saboteur. it;s just annoying how a lot of these card games are hard to find and expensive in aus.

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