Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mango, Banana and Raspberry Smoothie

whenever i make smoothies, i try to keep the ingredients to a minimal. boost has released some green smoothie recipes, but most of them require over 6 ingredients. i have them all, but sometimes i'm too lazy to get them all together. like coconut water from a coconut, getting it cut and open takes longer than blending the smoothie together.

i need smaller jars/glasses. i have 250ml latter cups, but they're too small for smoothies. 

i love my smoothies thick. today's one was super thick (: 1 mango, 1 frozen banana and a dash of rice milk. there wasn't any almond milk in the fridge, only rice, but i prefer rice milk since sometimes the almond flavour in the almond milk is prominent. 

tried to make a raspberry sorbet. i only used a little bit of raspberry, and it didn't work/bland properly since that small amount fell under the blades of the blender, so it couldn't actually blend the raspberries...but the sourness perfectly balanced the sweetness from the mango and banana.

it was so refreshing (:

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