Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baking at Better's

finally went to better's house! thank you so much for you hospitality and generosity. the flavoured water was real interesting/nice. loved your pasta and lasagna, need to get myself some of that sauce.

i actually didn't make much. even though i was looking forward to this day, i wasn't in the mood to bake-was way too hot.


looks pretty good (didn't help make, only helped to eat). the tia maria flavour was definitely there. i think i'm pretty decent with alcohol, but the mod worrying thing was that if i get a RBT, and since you can taste the alcohol in it, well then gg. it's different from when you cook with wine since it gets reduced, but this just gets mixed. i don't make these kind of things by myself since it requires too many ingredients which aren't easily found at home.

chocolate macarons! (didn't pipe this batch)

totally underestimated the power of better's new hand mixer. with my one, it takes about 10-15mins to get a glossy finish/peak for the egg whites, since my mixer overheats an then you have to wait for it to cool. her one was so powerful, didn't keep my eye on it, nek min nit, it was over beaten. luckily it didn't split. thus, over beaten egg whites result in a crunchy/crispy shell, but the inside was still soft. we were going to make a salted caramel filling, but ceebs. i've found some easier salted caramel filling recipes without too much effort, haha. i shall attempt some macarons from scratch one day. almond meal was on special last week on coles. my mum rain checked me some, need to remind her to buy it for me (:

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