Monday, December 9, 2013

Wet and Wild Sydney

had a really bad day today-everything that could've gone wrong went wrong ):

like my brother ditching me, and when i went, all the rides needed to have at least 2 people. there was a whole tower of rides with only 2 people. some were 2,3,4, others were 3,4,5, then only one towers of single riders. i.e., i couldn't go on many. i don't understand how a single child will survive growing up and going on holidays. like if you go on family holidays, who do you have fun with? like as parents grow older, they're les likely to go on roller coasters with you, and you can't always have friends with you on glad i have my brother (except for today) to go to theme parks with. my dad used to go on roller coasters with us, but now he's just ceebs.

wasn't going to go, but my mind was set on going to the preview day, and even though it was still quite humid in the arvo, it was good weather to go since there wasn't a lot of sun, not burning hot=less uv rays and no tan. 

it's really clean, as you would expect. the water and the pools are sooo perfect (for now). same with the toilets, nice and clean. there's actually not much shade there. they have these private cabanas which are from $90 hire per day, but they were free on preview day! did not know until later...but i wouldn't have used it..

since i went to the 5-10pm preview session, it was quite packed with school kids/workers. went around 7.30ish to take photos, but didn't take many in the end. they said the preview days had 1/5 of what they're expecting, but the thing is, i went on a more popular one and it took over 30mins, so when it opens normally, the wait will defs be over an hour per could see how long the line would be, since for some rides, i already walked up half way to the top, and still had to wait 30mins. from the bottom of the stairs, there are theses fences to the entrance on the line, and the line has a lot of potential to increase in length...

didn't go on much. went on the T5 (tornado something), the green and yellow one. it's pretty fun, and it was pitch black inside, and a few hidden surprises. also went on the 360 rush, but two of them broke when i went. same as gold coast, but the sydney one has this board where you wear it as a back pack so you can slide smoother i guess. i prefer the gold coast one, since it's a more real feeling where you don't need anything to aid you to slide 360. the guy next to me was too light and had to go out through the escape ride. the h2go racers are quite fun. don't know how to make myself go faster. maybe it's just my slow reaction time...

the land (or the amount of empty space) is quite big, but it takes more time to walk from on tower of slides to the other. i like GC since you can run to the other slides/waste less walking time. it feels like GC has more rides since it's more compact. the lights are quite nice at night.

i do have to commend WnW Syd with their My Bands. paperless tickets, cashless money etc. you can scan it to hire a locker/pay for food etc. food is about $20 for a burger, chips and coke-obviously not worth it. you can scan your band before your ride and it links to photos/info on how many times you went on a ride. defs heaps more convenient than a laminated card like in the GC.

so glad i got a season pass. it would probably take me 3 whole days to go on every single ride since there are just so many people. did you know, when i went to the GC, we managed to do one world per day. sea world was for half a day, and then we drove (actually my dad) straight back to syd. 

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