Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rayban Adventures #2

it wasn't as chaotic as last week but i still don't have my sunnies. so another person cleaned them this time, first with this oil/lubricant which was fine, but then with this methanol solution and gg, the gloss finished faded. with pure eucalyptus oil, it was fine. that tree oil from last week apparently has 80% ethanol, so alcohol obviously has a reaction to that gloss finish. so i have to wait another week...

made chia pudding yday. i think it's super healthy-chia seeds and almond milk. it doesn't have any sugar naturally, but i added a teaspoon of manuka honey and a tiny bit of vanilla essence. people said to add 2 tablespoons of 1tsp wasn't really i just got some mango which has heaps of natural sugar, a super healthy brekkie (: i was hoping it would have a thicker consistency...maybe i used add some gelatine to it so it can be like mango pudding..

i need a smaller jar...

results were just as expected, horrible. at least i passed two bet subjects from first sen were my 2 worst this sen. and they were very, very bad...they didn't scale chem as much as i hoped... ): whilst in phys, so much scaling considering i only did 20% of the paper and i guessed the rest. 

people are right. mortal instruments movie was super bad. hardly stuck with the book, and the main character isn't as "hot" as the book describes, he's actually quite ugly. i would say hunger games movie kept with the book about 95% similarity, and they omitted things which weren't important, but mortal instruments is probs less than 20%.

ahh, my head hurts from planning...people are all so busy these days ):


  1. It looks delicious :) I love chia seeds! Also, almond milk can be pretty expensive (and sweet)! If it's half price at Coles or Woolworths, it's quite alright, though :)

    1. Got ours from costco when my uncle came over...and we got the unsweetened one (: