Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No-Bake Mixed Berries Cheesecake and Cranberry and Cinnamon Cookies

the reason why i bought cream cheese was because philly had a promo ages ago at woolies, where you buy two blocks and you get a free springform pan. and luckily cream cheese can be put into the fridge for a long time, and i finally had the chance to make it yday.

mixed berries and blueberry no-bake cheesecake

don't know who to take the pan base off.

it was harder than i thought. like i didn't bother fully beating the cream cheese and sugar since it kept on getting stuck in the beaters, so you could still see the lumps. don't think i cooled down the gelatine enough. last time i worked with gelatine was around winter, so it cooled down fine, but this time, i think it contributed to not making the mixture smooth. oh well, it still set. and to get lemon juice, i had to squeeze the lemon, the sieve out the seeds, instead gf getting it straight from a bottle. i also need a pallet knife to make a smooth top, but i would rather save that money for other stuff. don't have a food processor or a rolling pin, so i had to do the base by hand #firstworldproblems

it's so creamy. one very fattening cheesecake. only added 1 cup cream instead of 300ml like other recipes. the base was very buttery, even though i added less butter and more biscuits than it suggested. i actually couldn't find the "perfect" recipe, so i just used parts of some recipes. i used digestive/wheat biscuits, should've gone with the unhealthier sweet biscuits, but everything is unhealthy once butter is added. didn't add much sugar, so this cheesecake wasn't sweet, since berries don't have a lot of sugar, only berry flavour. 

wanted to do a more "traditional" no bake cheesecake first time round. i want to make raw cheesecakes, but i'm scared the nuts will scratch the blender. my blender actually comes with a dry mill for nuts, where its this container you use rather than the jug of the blender. but once you blend nuts, all the natural oils come out, so the dry mill becomes wet, and the instructions says it can't be wet...also want to attempt a baked cheesecake, but my pan is coated blue on the outside, not sure if it's bakeable since it came with no care instructions...

i look at recipes and would love to eat the end product, but the amount of fattening and creamy products make me =/ btw, the whole pantry app is amazing! beetroot and apple burgers. too bad i don't have a juicer. i don't like beetroot, like i'll eat it if i have to, but a beetroot and apple juice, and then using the pulp as a burger patty is amazing. i was so close to buying that app, but it's recently become free (:

made christmas cookies for plus christmas party tomorrow! cranberry and cinnamon cookies. i think they're xmas flavours. it's like how white choc is sold out at my local woolies since sunday-white choc is an xmas ingredient used for so many desserts.

i added more vanilla essence and cinnamon needed, but the cinnamon wasn't prominent enough. a lot of recipes says to use 1 tsp of cinnamon, next tie i will know. i had these xmas cutters for over 10 years but never used them until now. they're plastic and don't cut that sharp and took forever to cut out, but still, xmas shapes are fun (: the recipe says to coat them with nuts, but i couldn't be bothered to chop/blender them, and people may be allergic. i already cut down the butter/sugar content, but they were still quite buttery =/ luckily they weren't that sweet. i tried to be healthy with the cranberry.

finding where stuff is in my house/kitchen takes longer than mixing/baking them. 

it's christmas time (:

mad rush to get these baked after work and before dinner time...

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