Friday, December 27, 2013


remembering the birth of jesus (:

christmas was good this year, even though i wasn't overseas with relatives who have an annual kris kringle and money raffle and people who give out way too many gifts.

this year was again filled with traditional turkey and ham, raw salmon/herby salmon/smoked salmon, oysters, prawns, scallops and bbqs of every type of meat and also heaps more food, and gingerbread (had about 4 types) and other desserts. then there's the home made lemonades, beers, various wines, ciders, juices etc. i don't actually take many photos of food during xmas-just enjoying time spent with family and friends (: christmas is like feast week. continuous eating (: and then the leftovers for another week!

spent boxing day with some of my dad's colleagues family, thought it would be awkward at first since we only see them at the annual xmas dinner, but we actually got along really well! somehow we all have mutual friends. i guess that's because of church. totally satisfied my monopoly deal yearning. played this card game called: the game of mao. it's like uno with additional rules, and you have to figure what the rules are, and if you don't, you get given more cards. i managed to get the rules after 3 rounds! and then silently laughing/face palming at those who couldn't. it's quite a mind-blowing game (:

wasn't expecting much from boxing day sales. only got steak knives lol.

but today i managed to find two perfect pairs of black flats! it's really hard to find flats for me since i have small, narrow feet and my heel at small =/ somehow i always manage to find a good pair of flats at castle towers david jones, and then another pair in a store i wasn't expecting. one was 60 down to 15, this other pair 50 to 25 (: so comfy and satisfied (:

i saw some alright bags/clothing/wallets but then thought, do i really need them? not really. saw some super cheap gifts that i could buy for people next year, but what if their taste changes, or people get group gifts etc...

also, the only thing i bought from t2 before christmas was the only thing in the store discounted after christmas! they don't say it's discounted, but i remembered the price and they also changed it's location. feeling ripped off. i just bought the same thing again, this time half price.

so many people at towers, even more than monday 23rd. managed to find parking quicker this time round. also, was going to go flight centre at towers, until i realised that was the store typo replaced.

thank you dear friends for your prezzies! all so useful and delicious (:

managed to receive less than 10 boxes of chocolates this year-new record! finally a year where we don't have over 10 boxes. maybe will actually finish this lot before next year christmas.

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