Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Party

thank you so much Better, Iced Trees and Dandelion for organising, planning, decorating and your generosity! Thanks especially to Dandelion for giving up her home for us to enjoy! loved all your decorations around the place. it was so lovely seeing most people. (:

dining room-loved the decorations 

i think dandelion's house is perfect for parties. the dining rooms is big enough to accommodate everyone sitting. it's starting to feel like christmas (: i think there's less hype this year compared to the high school/primary years.

so blessed to have such amazing friends (: i would love this to be an annual event, but the effort/money/organising will probs be too much unhealthy but good food, and lovely company (:

presents (:

i loved all the wrapping. from Better's funny typo cards, to Nancy's super cute Disney wrapping to Dandelion's silver wrapping and ribbon! i collect wrapping and ribbons (: it's fun collecting ribbons from various packaging rather than trying to find nice ribbons. i really love how Dandelion 's wrapping is so unique and also her cards (: i read your card, so i kinda found out what is inside, but i open prezzies on boxing day, so just have to wait a few more days until i can see what it looks like. also, i want to open Better's prezzie since i know an item i want is useful in there, but that has to wait as my first and probably last candy cane of the year. don't buy candy canes anymore...

i guess going to the carols in the domain can wait another year. if you want a good seat, you need to camp there from 10am. even for fireworks you can start camping at 2pm to get a good seat, but that's cause there are heaps of vantage points for fireworks.

also got to choose a prezzie from work, just simple shortbreads/chocolates. i think i chose the cheapest one-gummy lollies from kmart, but i just wanted the tin...


noo, i think my time table is going to be manually changed by the school, and yes, i did enrol illegally, but if try to make a legitimate enrolment, i obviously end up with the bad times. i tried to wait to see if people would move their classes around, turns out that even the ok (not good/bad) times are also full. 

i finally feel like i'm on holidays after working 6 days for 3 weeks. even between exams ended and i started helping out at my dad's place, i was still so busy with stuff/going out. i don't remember a day where i just sat at home reading/watching movies/baking. hardly have time to make stuff, and my list of books to read hasn't been touched.

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  1. For me, Christmas feels more festive this year, and it's probably because I'm a lot more into decorations than before and that I actually put up decorations this year! And bought gifts for people!
    I'm really happy you enjoyed the Christmas party so much that you'd like it to be an annual event! :D I liked organising it too. It'd be awesome if it was an annual event. Maybe not a Christmas party every year, but different Christmas meet ups?
    Haha, I show no self-restraint and I've opened all my presents already.

    I hope your timetabling troubles get sorted out smoothly and that you get a nice timetable.