Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movenpick and Man of Steel

30th june. last day for everything.

had my 4th free coffee. my mum had 10 throughout the month.

trekked allll the way to bondi today. first time taking public transport there, usually we drive. 
used group on movenpick vouchers. the person there probably had a mini heart attack, since there were seven of us, then another few people came, and heaps of people came, all with vouchers, and only her there working. they didn't even have enough big plates. but then after a while, another guy came to help her out.

i got creme brulee, tiramisu, and lemon and lime sorbet. creme bruleee was really nice, not overly sweet. some people said tiramisu was strong, but i think after having 4 coffees in one week, i feel "immune" to coffee. i'm at that stage where i don't dislike it, and don't love it (i really hope i don't become addicted to coffee, since it would be a waste of money. i prefer gelatissimo tiramisu. i wasn't a big fan of lemon and lime, a bit sour for me, but it did have these pieces of stuff (i think the zest of a lime) which was quite interesting. the waffle basket was pretty good. i had a tiny bit of the nuts, but didn't finish it. it was included in the voucher, or else i wouldn't have gotten it. when you have ice cream, you have to try it purely for flavour and texture, same reason why i think it's a waste for people to get toppings for froyo. the nuts themselves won't even that great here, don't even know what type of nuts they were. it was really good ice cream, but not the best ice cream.

i was so stupid. so i had a taste test for panna cotta which was nice, but the actual dessert itself (is made out of cream) and the ice cream felt really creamy, and i don't know what made me get a panna cotta shake. the shake was way too milky, felt like i was drinking a massive cup of milk. the raspberry flavour was lost in all that milk ): next time defs not getting that.

so full from all that ice cream and milk. i think i consumed over a litre today. legit. from coffee to ice cream to the shake (which was pretty big by the way). i didn't end up eating lunch and ate hardly any dinner. i had another ice cream for free voucher, but i could not take in anymore dairy products, so i wasted 2 ice cream scoops. oh wells. 

beach in winter. the carpark was soo full, and it's winter and it was raining in the morning.

so much drama before the movie started. yesterday i went to the cinemas to change two seats which i had booked online but something happened online and i didn't get the seats. so i checked the first two tickets for the movie, times, and then all the tickets to double check they were the seats i wanted. when we got to the cinemas there were people already in our seats. STUPID PERSON. not only did she move two seats, she also changed the date from sunday to saturday NO WONDER WHY THERE WERE SOME PEOPLE THERE. then i had to go out and ask them to change it, but they knew we didn't go to yesterday's sesh since we came as a family. there was another couple who bought telstra tickets and something aso happened to their seats when they booked online. we ended up sitting in pairs. nts: triple check everything on a movie ticket. i still don't get how that person managed to move my session from a sunday to saturday. it's supposed to be impossible, since with cheap tickets, you can't book/use them after saturday 5pm, but she still managed to move two tickets to the 7.30pm session. 

oh wells, the movie was pretty good which made up for all that hassle, and luckily in my weird case that happened, the ads were 30min. and yay for cheap $10 tickets! i bet half the cinema got telstra tickets. i don't really like superman, but this version was pretty good, and i didn't read any reviews/watched the trailer before. 

it was a good balance of action, plot, romance and :') moments. must see!

also got these freebies at the cinemas...

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