Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pishon Cafe

Legit day off today since no labs/ lectures.  today was spent..not that great, and great.

green tea latte was good (: milk frothed and a nice thick texture (: more matcha than sugar (: except they kept on forgetting who ordered what. you know, even my mum knew about this cafe before i did.

caught up with my ex bible study leader today. it was really nice, since she went to NY to do a masters, which cost $70 000! just for one degree, for one year. she already worked as a lawyer for quite a while, but wanted to do a bit more study. and she's back this week for 6 days. she just graduated last friday, and this saturday she'll be heading off to the netherlands to work at some super duper top international organisation. and her work is at a castle, it's so pretty. and it's international law related, so later on this year, she'll get to go to the law courts on a hearing about japan whale catching and other international stuff. but she's working at some organisation like the UN, which is government dependent, and she said it was super rare for people to get it after a masters. but yeah, obviously she'll be making more than a normal lawyer, so the 70 000 spent on a masters which will pay off asap. but she's on a contract for a year, so won't be able to see her, and she'll probs extend it, so despite finals in a few days, i had to go see her. 

and at plus, dressed people in newspaper (:

oh, and i hate going to eastwood. going there few km of school zones. coming back, SO MUCH TRAFFIC, it took 1 hour LONGER THAN FROM THE CITY, and it's only supposed to take 20mins. so yeah, that wasted time. and on weekends, parking is horrible. 

i asked some people on how they study, and one of my friends who does vet, she has 7 exams in one week, and she said you have to be selective on what you remember. i think i'll go with that technique, ace what i know, skip what i don't (but hopefully i'll know most stuff).

and federer, i still love you! but this journalist was oh-so-not-subtlely saying he was old, which was one of my main reasons to go aus open earlier this year. seriously fed peaked almost 10 years ago (well, ages ago for a sportsman), and he will retire before even more non top 4's beat him. retiring on top is better than retiring at the bottom (like hewitt has fallen to the bottom, so he should retire, but yet he's still semi playing). and i still think tsonga is arrogant, but not as much as murray (why isn't he playing in french this year(?))

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