Friday, June 7, 2013

Lecturers sem 1

finally got around to doing this post.

My lecturers aren't bad, well compared to what I've heard from other people.

Did you know, the curries who teach us vision for first year are married, they're quite cute. Personally I like the woman better since her diagrams/ notes on the board are way more neater and clearer, but his husband goes slower, so you have a bit more time to absorb what he does. Once the guy came in and said: "sorry to disturb your lesson, but I have come to give Chitra some stimulation" or coffee, how cute! But she spilt half of it accidentally while teaching... And we noticed the day after our thurs lecture on fri, she had a haircut. Then we looked at the guy, and he also had a haircut, so they both get haircuts at the same time! Tbh, I don't think I will be able to face the same person 24/7 for the rest of my life. Like if I taught, teaching at the same uni is ok, but teaching the same course every year for first year students, the repetition and working at work and home with the same person would defs bore me.

one of my maths lecturers is cool. he says "this thing would explode" or "this thing is hot" whenever some maths stuff is nice. the other one is a bit of a bore.

there's this one babs lecturer who talks a lot and her slides are so bad. ended up reading the textbook. there's this lecturer, and she just got engaged yet she's a doctor, and she looks really young. she is so trendy! always in 5+ inch heels, most of the time in really nice dresses, even in winter and rocks up with a trendy/branded hand bag and sunnies. i admire her fashion sense, and she has the most concise and clear notes and a nice voice whilst talking so you won't get bored.

i liked the 2nd chem lecturer the best since he wrote stuff out on paper. the third one had nice notes so i ended up skipping a few of his lecturers, and the 1st one was a bore.

hope next sems are nice and have good notes (:

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