Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thai Riffic Noodle Bar, Yogurt World, Happy Lab

woke up before 10 today!

day started with trying to find a michel patisserie in the city. went to the westfield one, and that Italian guy was so stingy. he asked me 10 times if i used the voucher before, and off course i said no (lol, why would i say yes), and then he reluctantly gave me a cup. then we searched for another one, and turns out town hall square has one (i don't walk in that part of the building usually), and they were so friendly! they happily gave my mum a cup (i already had one, one coffee a day is enough for me). most michel patisseries are run by asians, and i thought asians were stingy...actually, the cherrybrook asian one is stingy, they say "they don't have this promotion" even though the website says it applies to all stores..

top shop clothing isn't that great. there was this dress which was alright, but my normals size didn't fit me since it was too big, and the other sizes left were massive. and after the whole thing about myer losing money, i realised they don't have the half price then further half priced things, and things don't even look that nice this season, and the shoes they have weren't that special. but i did get heaps of free perfume samples. (: so i didn't buy a single piece of clothing today. hk is good because there are more shops and more styles. also, all zara sales people are the same. they wear the same uniform/suit as the sales people in hk, and they hire all these good looking guys. i have yet to go abercrombie and fitch store in hk (there just wasn't enough time) where you get served by topless guys with abs, haha.

lunch at Thai Riffic Noodle Bar.
the group on voucher didn't allow any stir fries, and noodle soups were the only non spicy thing out of the things we could pick. i had thing rice noodles with chicken. pretty nice, the food came super quickly. there were massive pieces of chicken, and the broth was goood. didn't taste like msg/artificially flavoured. you could see the oil, but there wasn't this lingering oil feeling on your mouth and lips (last time i went to taste of shanghai, my mouth was full of oil :/ maybe shanghainese people like their oil) . 
group on is good, since it gives you the chance to try different foods for over half price (:

yogurt world tester! the spoon was so cute that i kept it. i had the mango one, and later tested the soy vanilla and honey. the soy froyo was better than i thought i would be. you could actually taste the soy! my mum had the mango, then chocolate, and i'm not a massive fan of choc froyo, but soy chocolate froyo is a different experience. the vanilla one i had was a bit on the sweet side though, probs because it had honey. their samples are heaps bigger than moochi's defs double the size.

this cost $3.05. and i shared it with mum, but we didn't want to look like the stingy asians who go back for 2nd samples (and i was already planning to have my free moochi froyo before..) nah seriously, we just wanted more good froyo. we calculated that the four samples we had would cost at least a dollar, since they were very generous with their samples. when i have time, i'm going to go there at lunch when they have the most samples given.
they don't have chai anymore ): but i got salted caramel (which is nice as always), watermelon and taro. i was surprised that it was white when it came out, since i was expecting the typical taro. real taro is more white than purple anyway, so it shows how yogurt world is more "real". seriously, yogurt world has the best texture and balance in flavours, and not artificially sweet. i also got another spoon to keep. i am now missing the yellow spoon, after that, my collection of different coloured froyo spoons will be complete! haha. (except i haven't been to yogurberry in ages, not sure what spoons they use...)

free froyo no. 2. i got coconut and black sesame. coconut was alright. if you're not a sesame lover, than you won't like black sesame, since it does taste and looks like sesame. it's not as sweet as sesame ice cream, but i got sesame since it's new (apparently they rotate a flavour every fortnight, and apparently sesame is good for you). even though the texture of moochi is thicker than yogurt world, it also melts heappps faster than yogurt world. not sure why. method not as great i guess....

before moochi froyo, we walked around a bit more, and also went to happy lab. ended up staying there for an hour. so we bought stuff for some of my parents cell group's children who were doing their hsc this year. the stuff was over 50% off, yay for sales (: when we were lining up i realised people were showing their phones, which meant one thing, there was a deal going on, and sure enough, if you follow their instagram, you get to fill a box full of their gourmet confectionary for only $5. BARGAIN. how convenient, i just recently started to use instagram. their lollies are usually super expensive. last time i went, i got a small test tube of jelly beans for $3ish and it was only 30ish grams. hehe, that box. being the asian that i am, i got all the jelly beans on offer, and heaps of other weird and cutely shaped lollies. they had turtles and sombreros to name a few. didn't get the chocolate, since they were massive round pieces which won't fit nicely. ended up pushing the lollies in to make the lid close. some people only got those "meetos" which were just small bits of chocolate. won't you get bored just having chocolate? and then the guy stamped two stamps even though we spent less than 20 bucks, yay for being generous (: that stuff below, i estimate the rrp to be at least $40. there's probably a kilo of lollies there. and yes, in my household, we still have a million bits of chocolate and lollies to finish, half of which are probably expired, but who can resist a cheap box of lollies for $5? supermarket lollies these days aren't even that cheap.

had to eat some, or else the lid wouldn't fit properly.

and poor federer ))): his face was just ); 
definitely think the top 4 would be broken this year. like nadal gone in the first round, fed not being able to make the quarters...stupid 100+ ranked guy. and now it's probs going to be another djokovic and murray final. gross. never liked murray, never will.

i also wonder what will the future children think when they study australian politics. 

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