Monday, June 3, 2013

always a first for skipping


i only really skipped a tute, since after i manually re arranged my timetable, i only have chem lecture and 1 hour calculus tute. so defs not worth going today, since i haven't skipped a maths tute yet and could afford to. seriously, during the CATEI surveys last week, i fully dissed him. he is so bad. he disses you if you ask stupid questions/can't ask more than one questions per tute, AND HE ONLY DOES A MAXIMUM OF THREE SHORT QUESTIONS PER TUTE, which is not worth my time.

he goes off on a tangent.

i'm angry. dance eisteddfod the night before 8.45am race course maths exam. i think i said this before but argh, all this content to be memorised.

i finally finished both maths course books! still have unanswered questions though...i love tutes (except for calc tutes), which is why i can't wait for tomorrow, chem and visn tute=answers!

AND WHY MUST THERE BE A SO MUCH FREE FOOD ON WEDNESDAY!? THE DAY I LEGIT HAVE DAY OFF, since no lectures/labs. oh wells, meeting up with ex youth leader who is only here in syd for 6 days...should be studying  #feelsbadman.

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