Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KH 3

thanks for telling me guys (: now i can't wait for kh3! it'll probs (hopefully not) take a year to turn the jap version to english, and i'll probably wait for prices to die down a bit, so i guess next year november to buy a ps4 is an ok timing. seems like a long way away, but hey, we've almost finished yr1 sem1. i love kingdom hearts since it has disney in it (:

PANIC KICKING IN. need to actually put effort into studying hard. today was my 2nd least productive day since week 12. not good at all.

i have a craving for cake, malaysian and thai right now. my uncle is going to malaysia in aug for a few days just to eat durian, some sort of festival thing. never new durian eating festivals existed lol.

someone should invent an app which bans you from all apps except from messaging, phone calls, camera and emails until your exams are over. my phone is actually so distracting, even turning off internet it can do much harm to my study time. a minute/few seconds here and there adds up at the end of the day ))): 

stupid virtual lab thing dies on me when i almost completed it. now i don't know what the last few questions were...

babs is so horrible, and if i did med, i'll probs be one of those sad kids who drop out (well i do know people who dropped out of med, but he went on to do cool things in america).
all this memorising which i can't do ): trying to understand it and tell it "like a story" 

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