Friday, June 7, 2013

Last day of sem 1 (already)

so screwed. must study hard.

i ended up getting two freeee hot chocolates from max brenner today! it was worth it! unlike moochi where waiting an hour in line, and paid 2.50. waited for 30min today, and whilst we were waiting, we got free samples! ended up getting 5 samples of the pecan chocolate, and one chocolate ball thing. 2nd hot choc, got before 2pm, and just waited 5mins (:

line moved quickly as they mass produced (:

#chocolate and sugar overdose.

i don't htink i'll ever buy anything from max brenner on campus. too overpriced. i've only had it 4 times, and i think going there should be for "special occasions" but now, there are more better and cheaper cafes around.

the guy on fb was serious. DID YOU KNOW: the chem HSC papers before 2000, is basically first year chemistry. wow, stuff was hard back then, or they just made it heaps "easy" after 2000, well after the syllabus change. big change. first uni chem is 1995 hsc chem (and a few more harder concepts and we do all the electives in the old hsc papers) but wow, i wonder how the grade before the syllabus change felt. they missed out by a year of easier papers.

nooo, missing out on eofy sales ): by the time when i finish exams, all the good stuff will be gone ):

more careless mistakes in maths ): at least i have the aid of a calculator in the finals....

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