Tuesday, June 11, 2013


this was too exciting too not blog about. it's so cool (: except the icons look "simpler", less sophisticated. people say it looks more like android =/ but iOS 7 is much cooler! spent a good part of my day looking at the new features, can't wait! and it's so "exclusively apple" like their new things like Air Drop which you can share between your iOS devices. new way of viewing stuff (:

the new OS X. i knew they would soon run out of african-ish animals. the enw one later this year is "Mavericks" googled it, and apparently it's a town in america. that's cool, they won't run out of suburbs for a veryyyyy long time. but i don't get the new Mac Pro. not macbook pro, but mac pro. it's round =/ can you even have a round laptop? i guess i won't be upgrading my software to mountain lion, since a new/different one is coming out in spring. like even the weather app is cool!

also, ps4>xbox one, anyday. the xbox one is so incompatible with everything, which is why ps4 adds say they can "share". the only reason our ps3 can't play our ps2 games is because we bought it off someone who got the ps3 for free since they had a promo for sony tvs ages ago and they already had a ps3, so we got their extra ps3. and i have not touched out ps3 (since i'm waiting for kingdom hearts 3 to come out which i don't think it will...) and my bro says our ps3 is broken (maybe because he played it so much (?)) so we'll probs get the new ps4 after his hsc. haha. at least next year will be a tad cheaper than this year.

just dug out some expired lollies/chocolate. they taste fine.

i actually know nothing in detail, yet i'm not stressed at the moment. feels strange.


  1. Kingdom Hearts 3 actually got announced for PS4 today! It should be out in a year or two. The story's so confusing though, and I'm not sure if I can catch up to it :/

  2. aww man I remember we got a free PS3 with our TV then parents gave it away T_T


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