Wednesday, June 26, 2013

flats and other news

i bought the most comfiest flats today! it was $70 off the original price, and even though they are still, expensive-ish since they're branded, it makes up for it since they are super comfy, and made of good quality leather. and the last pair of comfy flats i had, they were bought ages ago. it's so hard for my feet to find the right flats. it has to be narrow, a bit curved in at the heel and must not be hard plastic. my heels are smaller than normal, actually i just have small feet, so i had one main pair of flats, but now i have a second main pair (: yeah, don't normally wear flats...
i didn't buy any flats in hk, mostly boots. i hate buying shoes in hk, unless i'm in a department store where you can properly try on the shoe. a lot of cheap market places shoes are so bad, for opbvious reasons. my aunt got me some cheap shoes which look nice, but you literally wear it for one season and chuck it. i would rather pay more for one good quality shoe and for it to last long.

had my first free michel patisserie coffee! my mum has had at least 10....

went to the library today! after over a year.

KMART TOYS/STUFF IN GENERAL IS SUPER CHEAP! they have pillow pets for $7! not sure if i should get one, but there were more uni students there buying one compared to children/parents buying for their children.

To other news since beginning of finals:

- my grandma has whatsapp and fb! she records these audio notes ands sends them lol. and the other day she was telling my mum she sat at a cafe and GAMED for three hours straight. probs one of those addictive games like candy crush (well i heard it's addictive....). oh, and my grandma is really old, she majorly broke her back 3 times...but i think my cousin taught her the basics and so now she games in her free time.

that was the weekend before finals, so obviously couldn't go, so i sent my mum. lol jks, i asked nicely, and then had to ask my dad to drive her since that place was near the airport, and don't think my mum knows how to drive to the airport, but i always tell her you just follow the signs! anyways, bloch stuff is superrrrrr expensive, but they have nice stuff (: originally i wanted my mum to get me a cheap new pair of dance shoes, but it was a warehouse sale, and they obviously didn't have the ones i wanted since they make good money out of popular stuff. but my mum did get a few of really nice comfy flats (: the insides are so soft. (i think they will become my third/fourth pair of main flats). and she bought some nice cheap tops. mind you, by expensive i mean rrp 50 bucks for a t-shirt. oh, there was a jacket rrp 130 but she got for 20 (: except it's kind of tight, yet the sleeves are super long. and she bought some tan coloured jazz shoes for 15 (i use black jazz shoes), and i told her not to but she was like "they were cheap". so i am going to try to see them on ebay, except that style of shoe is also last season/old-ish. noooo idea how to sell stuff on ebay. she bought heaps of clothes for me...yeah, that "not buying clothes this year thing" didn't turn out, but hey, they were about the same price/cheaper than hk stuff, and they were branded and good quality.

-wimbledon. lol nadal. 2 weeks ago champion, this week....and hewitt making it to the 2nd round, hmm, he's still playing...missed federer's match since i had an exam that morning...but now i can actually stay up to watch! slept at 1.30am today, and woke at 12pm..woops, which is why i need to go out to maintain an ok sleeping routine.

-sunrise. i missed mel's last show...slept in that day...and on monday morning of this week, i watched a few mins, and i don't like samantha. i never really liked her since she took over today tonight a few years ago, matt white was alright. and now the "new" person (whose been on for the past year...) i don't like her, which is why i've been consistently watching the project since senior years of high school... poor nat, she will still be news-reading on sunrise.

-vouchers. so many to use before expiry date.

-my wallet has really died now. like really died. it died last year, but now it actually breaking. too apprehensive about using my new wallets.

and my parents ditched us to go out to dinner with other people ): no outside food for me ):

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