Tuesday, June 4, 2013

free froyo #1

i'm on a roll today. got a free bbq and free moochi, and there wasn't even a line for both. so twas worth my time. got taro and lychee. lychee was pretty good, but taro didn't have enough taro, i like yogurberry taro the best.

freaking out. less than two weeks! how do i memorise all this babs content!?

what's worse? i've slept past 9 consecutively for four days. usually i don't mind for weekends, but exams are near! and if i woke up at 7, then that's at least an extra 8 hours of study, which i could have made up for since i have mid year concert, and dance eisteddfod, both of which totals 8 hours. I AM GOING TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO WAKE UP EARLY AND SLEEP EARLIER. although i must admit, sleeping for over 9 hours is pretty good. catching up on all the lost sleep/sleeping more for next week.

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