Friday, June 28, 2013

Despicable Me 2 and Temasek Take 2

i thought the last movie i watched was hunger games. turns out i've seen 8 other movies in between that and today's. i also like to collect my movie tickets (:

it was a good movie! i like both 1 and 2. ahh, minions, sahhh cute! and i really like agnes (: i asked my parents that when they go past a maccas tmr to get me a happy glad i don't watch trailers, i reckon they spoil movies. i love watching trailers, BUT ONLY IF i don't plan on watching those movies in the cinemas. i feel like i'm getting more out of my payed movie ticket watching things i haven't seen before. also, i would rather not watch a movie unless i have cheap tickets, so thanks natasha for buying cheaper tickets (:
you guys have to see it (: plot was nice (:

for lunch went to Temasek. turns out i went there last year for dinner with family and on of my dad's companies clients or something. dinner was really good, and i remember i had a triangle pyramid ice cream there (which was obviously imported/bought from a supplier, but it was nice). i remember the food being super nice for dinner.

i had chicken white sauce with ho fun (flat/thick rice noodles). the plate was big, but it looked small, maybe cause some of the noodles were hidden inside the sauce. it was alright, not great. oily, but bearable. service wasn't that greta, but what can you expect for a large-ish and not "fancy/expensive" restaurant? at least they don't glare at you. sometimes, when i go asian places to eat, they give you this look if you ask them to do too much for you (too much i mean get some water, get some cutlery and they get pissed...). i was hoping to go to a place i haven't been before...oh wells...

argh, inward growing eye lashes. making me blind...

this morning i had my third free coffee. the parra one was hot, but didn't taste that great and most of the foam stuck to the cup. usually other places don't feel it really full, so when you drink it, you still get some foam without licking the lid haha. but legit, this coffee wasn't that great. you could tell it was a new guy making it since the boss was telling him off/what to do in canto.

my book came today! the book i bought last thursday from the book depository sale. it was less than 5 dollars, and it has travlled from halfway around the world. sooo cheap. yay, classic sherlock stories/cases to read (: i can't wait until season 3 of bbc sherlock comes out! i have been waiting since january, which was when i started/finished the first 2 seasons, so i haven't been waiting as long as others who watched season 2 straight when it came out...

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