Friday, July 1, 2011

Max Brenner Catch Up Sesh (:

soooooooooooooo full. and fat.

i love catching up over food (:
we should do this at least once a month, except i never seem to have the time....
i'm still sad that we didn't finish the chocolate:
whenever i go to these places, i never leave anything behind, except for this time. maybe it was the choc-banana pizza which made me really full.
i'm kinda like the kids who sat behind me and licked of their plates which strawberries and chocolate, but not today. they should give us more fruit.....

and salt social, it was nice seeing the people from kick. i thought there wouldn't be enough meat but there turned out to be heaps of food, esp dessert. i could have ate more but i was so full from afternoon tea. i'm going to be another kg heavier tomorrow...
 my mum made cookies. i shall do some baking these hols (: (hopefully)

and maths, did better than i expected, but not "great"

i literally have nine major things to do on my to do list. like major, assessment type stuff.

and i'm still not used to the new google, even after a few days. 

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