Sunday, July 17, 2011

Completed List-Winter Holidays

i should have asked to go to the snow this year, now i have to wait until after HSC.
EVERYTHING is now after HSC.

my completed list:
-Write CMM and chem of art notes except for a few dot points...
- Meet up and do Eng. extension
- Do physics practical +write it up well most of it...
- Study for Jap speaking/reading/writing test
-Write up chem prac
-Write up physics notes + study how to plug wires
-Watch Harry Potter (:
- Do maths exercises
- Visit circle geometry
-Tidy up book shelf and give books away to other people (and chuck all the old ones)
- Practise to park properly....still not there yet.....
- Swimmmmmm.....i was supposed to this morning except my parents drove to the central coast...
- Read Othello
-Try to complete 30 hours of driving.......well the positive side is that i have less than 20hrs to go (:
-Shop moreee (:
-Go Hornsby to have a $2 boost (:
-Think of ideas.....

so i have jap the first week and ext the 2nd week, and i have not done anything on it D= and my partner, i think, is ignoring me. i hate those people who make you do all the work.
went door knocking today for church, with my fail brownies. my were to fudgy and hard to cut out. why did i volunteer to bake when my to do list is uncompleted ):

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  1. Whoaly.

    You've done more work than I have...

    Now I feel inadequate =S