Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the awkward moment when someone mentions something about your party and you didn't invite them.
that happened twice today.

i'm getting less than 2hours chem done everyday. this is reallyreallyreally bad.
ate too much for dinner :S

and i didn't fail English. i actually thought i was one of those people who got 4/15 and had a mini-heart attack when we talked to our year.
i like Ruse's prefect voting system since the whole school contributes, so you can kind of have your say.
i still reckon Girra is the easiest.
Baulko should have more prefects since there's more people.

i rank triple digits for both extensions. and you can't even get my rank at girra for 3u hy since there's isn't even that amount of people there doing 3U....
but i improved in both tests for the 2nd assessments (: top 30 for 2u second task (: but my hy is going to drag that down...
except they don't weigh as much as hy ):

wednesday arvo maths is better than tues night.

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  1. And you didn't want to tell me your mark.

    I did pretty badly on those, parents going to rage