Friday, July 15, 2011


3 trains and car = 1.5 hour trip AND i took all the express trains AND waiting time was a total of 4mins.
i wish i had my p's so i don't have to walk 100m in the night by myself at btown and i could get home in less than an hour. but don't worry, nothing happened.

except the train from stra to epping literally felt like hong kong. it was even difficult to take my phone out from my bag and we were so squished ):
like when people have to go out of the train to let other people out, yeh that type of squish.
i now remember which carriages are best for what:
train to newcastle passing from stra to epping: go on the last carriage so you can sprint down the escalators
for the downstairs trains to pennant hills.
and i'm pretty sure now which carriage stops in front of penno's exit.

i guess today was pretty fun. i like boardgames (: i'm just looking across to the left to see all my collection of boardgames being rejected and sitting on the shelf while to my right the wii/ps3 and other consoles which i have also neglected :'(
did people end up getting a group photo?
and i'm secretly raging at keely.
but it's ok. kindof. just a bit cut )))))):

i did nothing productive today. watched 1.5hours of Masterchef.

why do people always die in Shakespeare's plays....?

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