Saturday, July 30, 2011

August Timings (:

today's morning was productive but then in the afternoon......

im glad that the science head teacher listened to me and told the timetable guy to put chem trials on the first week so that i can do NQE.
and also it's before my birthday so i have a few days after trials to buy/order/shop/plan for stuff. also that i'm still 16 (and young-ish) when i do my first trial exam.
and also trials are before the first day i am eligible to try for my P's, which gives me time to perfect my parking. and also trials is before games night. and trials are the day before my monthly visit to the dentist.  and also trials are before Rice so i don't have to miss that out (:
also glad that the road safety excursion is during trials time so i don't have to miss out on chem lessons and catch up.
and after trials i still can allow a break then study for yearlys.

but that means trials is very soon.

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