Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i like seeing people (: 3rd time going to Mizuya in 4months.
i think the next time someone goes there, i may have to politely decline the invitation (unless they shout me and i don't have to repay the price in prezzies =D)

played bumper cars at galaxy world. i remember last year when they first opened/made it, it was like $10+ for only 5mins play.
it was fun bumping into people even though the place was pretty small.

and people's dedication to harry potter is like :O i've seen 3 photos of different people being Bellatrix and they are all sooooooo good!!!!!!
this girl full had the deatheaters mark thing. apparently she stenciled it and then her friend traced it :S  anyways, it looked quite close to the real thing.

i ran for every single train today. i hate running for trains. except the good thing is i don't have to wait which means i don't waste time (: and express trains are cool (:
however, 2 times today my trains got delayed ==
1. fixing some pipe or electrical thing and 2. it stopped in the middle of a tunnel for no apparent reason :S

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