Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Term 3 D=..............(: .......

i hope people at girra got them.....
i ran out of cardboard :'( if i give stuff to people on a piece of paper, i bet by lunch it will be scrunched up (judging from my brother...). it's a pity we don't stock cardboard.

i'm already feeling the stress.
extension next week and i have to edit a video over the weekend =/ except i haven't even got the video yet=/
nor have i got the speech. i think my partner is uncontactable ):
and jap this week D=
and trials are so soon. well soon in terms of my time...

if i stayed at girra, i would have become a prefect already.
but, right now, they are based on popularity ):
but i do want to become a prefect.

the chances are 12/66 (which i guess are higher than the guys)
i can already guess 6 people who will become prefect.

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