Monday, July 4, 2011

i watched transformers with my dad today (:
i think it's the first ever movie i've watched only with my dad.
i liked it (: well, it's obviously not as good as the first 2, and the beginning was kinda a bit boring but half way through it got exciting and got exciting to the end (:
i love transformers (:

and i got new heels :D and they were on special because the only sizes they had were 5 and 11. so for once something fit me and was on special and looked quite decent (: and i like how the more pairs you buy, the cheaper each pair becomes (:
and new dress (: well it's kinda a summer dress...
and i had an oreo milkshake. too sweet, way tooooo sweet. artificially sweet. the sweetness that they put on sundaes and they hardly give you oreos and it's not healthy. should have gotten a boost before it closed....

and girls plain black trackpants are harder than you think they are to find, and be on special. i challenge you to find one.

hardly done anything today ):
my mum has known so many people who have passed away....

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