Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i sat today for 2 hours staring at a piece of paper (well 3 pages of maths). mainly coz i haven't learnt anything yet.

and then listening to who got what from the Saturday class, and bitter, apparently you got top from the baulko people (Y)

i spent a good 2 hours rearranging the bookshelf. it still doesn't look right......and i went through 2 times deciding which childhood books to keep and chuck/give away. it's sooos sooo soo hard to do ): but i have to make way for my new books (:

i've been out too much.

and yay billy (((((: it's all part of reality much for "once you're eliminated you can't come back" but i'm happy for him.

nts: do not lick the cream from a spoon. must wake earlier.

also, i don't care about origin, unlike the people on facebook.
i love how M can turn into an E (((((((((:

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