Monday, July 25, 2011

They Count Fast

all of those people i knew they were going to be prefects.
so all of src has "risen up" which means there are 10/170 chances for me to become an SRC leader =D (the chances are even slimmer than prefect elections)
no new people got prefect, but that was expected.
i thought captains needed to make a speech and stuff, but i guess Baulko likes to count votes without speeches (and they counted quite fast....)
if i stayed at Girra, i would have become prefect, that was one really positive thing
but anyways,
congrats to everyone (:
however, i thought the tallest girl in the grade would become prefect so i think everyone expected it and then no one could be stuffed to vote for her and yeah....i think she's the type of person that no-one likes behind her back-well that's what i've heard....

3 sets if sit-ups today and 2 sets of push ups :'(
we usually only do 1 set of sit-ups and NO push-ups. i'm going to be in pain tomorrow. but i actually did the whole thing+other ab exercise (:

hate ext partner. it would be awkward if she read this....i have to send an email/text/fb message to get her to send the speech and she STILL hasn't sent it. lets hope the teacher isn't here tmr, just like he wasn't here today.

i think i should start wearing my blazer, before it gets too hot.

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