Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter!!! 7pt2

it was goooooood (: better than part 1 i think. a lot of fighting but i like spell fighting.
harry potter: the only movie my family and i watch together (except for this year where we watched Tron together...)

and i forgot what happens in the book, but i guess the movie actually answers all the questions from previous movies.
when i watched no.5, i totally didn't understand what happened so that's when i started reading the books. this movie is easy to get (:
there wasn't any really funny stuff but still a few good laughs.
i like the end though (:
and i thought Voldemort would die more dramatically.....
not one of my favourite harry potters, but not my worst.

i remember like 10 years ago how they said they were only going to film 5 hp's because it would be too costly....
i shall by the dvd box set when it's super cheap (under 40 dollars cheap). i doubt that will happen....

and oporto burgers are so small ):

i'm screwed for jap.
and my night contact kind of turned into a day lens :S

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