Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Do List-Winter Holidays

In order of importance:

-Write CMM and chem of art notes
- Meet up and do Eng. extension
- Do physics practical +write it up
- Study for Jap speaking/reading/writing test
-Write up chem prac
-Write up physics notes + study how to plug wires
-Watch Harry Potter (:
- Do maths exercises
- Visit circle geometry
-Tidy up book shelf and give books away to other people (and chuck all the old ones)
- Practise to park properly
- Swimmmmmm
- Read Othello
-Try to complete 30 hours of driving
-Shop moreee (:
-Go Hornsby to have a $2 boost (:
-Think of ideas.....
whilst go out with friends and possibly paintball :S

13 days to do this.

i work less productively in the holidays ):

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