Thursday, July 28, 2011

after two tutoring chem exam papers, i can clearly see that I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING DDDDDDDDD=
(goes to cry in a corner but that wastes time)
not exaggerating. stuff are so hard to remember :'(

finally Ellie got out! my mum did an evil laugh :S

came last in Jap, well out of the asians i came last.

this week i have heard some life stories about my Jap teacher, an American/Canadian sub and an old friend who i haven't seen for 1.5years. i didn't recognise her but she recognised me. maybe i'll tell their stories when i have time....

screw maths homework
oh, chem quiz tomorrow, even though i do accelerated chem, i still get super bad in them that it makes it kinda funny...

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